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Best Tilley Hat for Golf

Best Tilley Hat for Golf

When it comes to golf, having the right gear is essential to ensuring you have a great game. While many golfers focus on clubs and shoes, one piece of gear that's often overlooked is a good hat. Not only does a hat help keep the sun out of your eyes, but it can also protect your skin from harmful UV rays. With so many hats on the market, it can be tough to know which one is the best choice for golfers. After reviewing the different options, our conclusion for the best golf hat for sun protection is the Tilley Endurables LTM5 Airflo Unisex Hat.

Best Tilley Hats For Golf - J and p Hats


Tilley Endurables LTM5 Airflo Unisex Hat

The LTM5 Airflo hat is a great choice for golfers thanks to its wrinkle-free and protective design. Made from 100% supplex nylon, this hat is lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying, making it ideal for those hot summer days on the course. The LTM5 Airflo hat also features Tilley's signature Airflo technology, which allows air to flow through the hat to keep you cool and comfortable. With a medium brim and a 50+ UPF rating, this hat provides excellent sun protection without compromising on style.

Best Tilley Hats For Golf - J and p hats

Other Tilley Hats for Golf

While the LTM5 Airflo hat is our top pick for golfers, Tilley offers a range of other hats that are also great for the course. The Tilley T3 Wanderer Hat is a popular choice among golfers thanks to its classic style and versatile brim. The Tilley T5MO Organic Airflo Hat is another great option for golfers who prioritize sustainability, as it's made from 98% organic cotton and is machine washable. And for those who prefer a more traditional look, the Tilley TWC7 Outback Waxed Cotton Hat is a durable and stylish choice that's perfect for the golf course.


A good hat is an essential piece of gear for any golfer, and the Tilley Endurables LTM5 Airflo Unisex Hat is our top pick for golfers who want a hat that's both protective and stylish. Whether you're hitting the links for a round of golf or just spending a day in the sun, a Tilley hat is a smart investment that will provide years of protection and comfort. Be sure to check out our Tilley Hat Size Chart to get the right size for your next Tilley hat, and don't forget to read our washing instructions for Tilley hats to keep your hat looking great for years to come.

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