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Amazon Basic Care First Aid Kit, 56 Pieces, Green
Amazon Basic Care First Aid Kit, 56 Pieces, Green
Amazon Basic Care First Aid Kit, 56 Pieces, Green
Amazon Basic Care First Aid Kit, 56 Pieces, Green
Amazon Basic Care First Aid Kit, 56 Pieces, Green

Amazon Basic Care First Aid Kit, 56 Pieces, Green

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Brand: Amazon Basic Care

Color: Green


  • Travel-friendly design - 56 essential emergency items
  • 8 classic Plasters 6x2cm; 8 classic Plasters 7x2cm; 8 Classic Plasters 7x2,4cm; 4 Hydrocolloid Plasters; 2 Non Woven Plasters; 2 Waterproof Plasters; 2 Waterproof Plasters
  • 5 cotton strips; 6 swabs sterile gauze; 1 bandage; 5 disinfectant wipes; 1 non woven cloth roll; 1 metallic scissor; 1 metallic tweezer; 2 bandage clips
  • The essential Kit for treating pain, swelling, cuts, scrapes, burns and more
  • Lightweight and compact - All you need for unexpected events - Ideal for camping, sports and outdoor activities

Release Date: 28-02-2023

model number: 5400606953697

Part Number: 5400606953697

Details: Description

Amazon Basic Care - First Aid Kit - 56 Pieces. Bandage 6x4cm: Disposable. Precautions for use: never put the tape directly on the injured skin. Avoid excessive tension. In case of discomfort, reduce the tension on the Bandage. Classic plasters: 1. Wash your hands with soap and water. 2. Clean, disinfect, rinse and dry the wound thoroughly. 3. Apply the dressing. Renew 2 to 3 times a day. Use anti-blister dressings (hydrocolloid plaster) CE0051 Disposable. Precautions for use: dressings used in prevention and in case of ampoules during training or already formed. Either the bulb is not formed or pierced, and in this case it is useless to pierce it; clean the surface with soap and water, dry thoroughly. Either the bulb is pierced; in this case, do not remove the dead skin, and disinfect with a suitable product. Directions for use: Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before cleaning the ampoule and handling the dressing. When the anti-blister dressing is placed on an already formed blister, do not remove it. Wait until he takes off himself. Contraindications: The use of an anti-blister dressing is contraindicated in case of infection, which is generally characterized by the presence of purulent white-throat fluid in the wound. If in doubt, consult a doctor. Usage swabs steril gauze CE0051 Disposable. Precautions for use: Sterile if undamaged box Directions for use: Clean the wound and its surrounding area carefully with a sterile swab. Cover the wound completely with a new swab and keep it in place with a plaster or an elastic bandage. Change medication often. Usage Non woven cloth roll Disposable. Directions for use: Clean and dry the wound and surrounding area. Fix the gauze swabs with the cloth roll. Keep away from sunlight - Keep in a cool and dry place

EAN: 5400606953697

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 5.8 x 2.6 inches

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